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Does lymphatic drainage really help to lose weight?

Does lymphatic drainage really help to lose weight?

Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage going to help you lose weight?

I often get asked this question. The answer is more or less complex. Generally speaking, lymphatic massage is beneficial for weight loss, but not in the direct way you might expect.

Lymphatic drainage is well known to help with detoxification, and detoxification of the body can indeed promote weight loss. The question is, how can lymphatic massage help you lose weight?

Lymphatic drainage flushes out toxins and A body charged with toxins is prone to the following diseases:
- Cancer
- Autoimmune diseases
- Joint pain
- Psychological problems
- Chronic fatigue syndrome

And it turns out that these toxins can also hinder weight loss. If you've been on a strict diet and exercise routine with no results, a dysfunctional lymphatic system could be the cause.

A regular lymphatic drainage session can help. By removing accumulated toxins from your body, you give it a much-needed break. By taking the time to re-energize, you are directing energy and blood flow to the fat cells.

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